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22 dead as TS Nate rips through Central America



Tropical Storm Nate has killed at least 22 people in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras as it heads north towards Mexico and the US.

A state of emergency has been declared in the Central American nations, where more than 20 people are missing.

It has caused heavy rains, landslides and floods which are blocking roads, destroying bridges and damaging houses.

In Costa Rica, nearly 400,000 people are without running water and thousands are sleeping in shelters.

At least eight people have died in the storm there, while another 11 were killed when it moved north and reached Nicaragua, where as much as 15ins (38cm) of rain had been predicted to fall by the US’s National Hurricane Center.

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CNN’s Erin Burnett: Trump WH ‘Thinks US Is a Military Dictatorship’




CNN anchor Erin Burnett said President Trump’s administration “appears to think” the United States “is a military dictatorship.”

Burnett said that Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is illustrating that claim by admonishing journalists for questioning Gen. John Kelly.

“It is appropriate to question the general,” Burnett said.

Burnett said Trump has a history of Tweeting remarks that appear to undermine or question other four-star generals.

He once said that Deputy CENTCOM commander Gen. John Allen “failed badly in the fight against ISIS” and that he has “never been a fan of Colin Powell.”

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